Because of it’s optional rectangular shape, iQR technology unlocks limitless possibilities for new engagement ideas in the mobile space. Healthcare, Financial Services, Serialization, Marketing and Government applications, just to list a few.

iQR Code®

A complete revolution in 2D symbology. One uniform and consistent 2D symbol based on a single, absolute standard.

    1. iQR from DENSO Wave is the successor to traditional QR Codes. It has all the benefits of QR Codes while offering new and enhanced technology to facilitate exciting mobile engagement opportunities that have not been available before.

    2. At last, one single and enforced 2D symbology standard for engaging mobile devices. It’s patented, standardized, consistent and completely reliable.

    3. 80% greater data capacity in a 30% smaller space.

    4. Increased ECC, up to 50%, to keep even the most damaged codes completely viable.

    5. Smaller footprint and easier to deploy, especially on complex surfaces.

    6. Substantially enhanced readability and greater scan accuracy.

    7. Optional rectangular shape facilitates a more diverse variety of deployment possibilities.

    8. iQR reader App for iOS and Android along with VitreoQR implementations, available for consumer smart devices coming in Q2 of 2015.

iQR technology from DENSO Wave will be available late in 2014. Please visit this page often for updates and information.

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